This time line is a work in progress, and is a result of my own findings as I study thoroughly through the Bible. The time line currently contains dates for events found in Genesis through to the end of Exodus (Exodus does not give a lot of dates). The timeline does draw on texts from other parts of Scripture every now and then.

Any time Biblical time line is only as accurate as the assumptions it makes. Any assumptions are provided in the explanation, however the assumptions that affect the whole time line are as follows:

The explanation for most dates are given with the event. For events that require detail, we will provide a hyperlink to the explanation instead.

Note that this is mostly based on the KJV version of the Bible, with a little influence from other versions where necessary, but any comments that may be version specific are based on the KJV unless stated otherwise.

AM (Years After Creation)



0 (days 1 through 7)


Genesis Chapters 1 & 2

The Fall

Assumes Genesis 3:1 through to Genesis 5:3 happen chronologically, and Cain definately killed Abel after the fall.

Cain was Born

Genesis 4:1,2 - Cain was born before Abel

Abel was Born

Genesis 4:1,2 - Abel was born after Cain

Cain kills Abel

Well Cain and Abel had to be born before this was even possible and in Genesis 4:25 Eve states that "God had appointed her another son in place of Abel", which suggests Abel was killed before Seth was born.


Seth was born

Genesis 5:3 - Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born.


Enos was born

Genesis 5:6 - Seth was 105 when Enos was born.


Cainan was born

Genesis 5:9 - Enos was 90 when Cainan was born.


Mahalaleel was born

Genesis 5:12 - Cainan was 70 when Mahalaleel was born.


Jared was born

Genesis 5:15 - Mahalaleel was 65 when Jared was born.


Enoch was born

Genesis 5:18 - Jared was 162 when Enoch was born.


Methuselah was born

Genesis 5:21 - Enoch was 65 when Methuselah was born.


Lamech was born

Genesis 5:25 - Methuselah was 87 years when Lamech was born.


Adam died

Genesis 5:5 - Adam was 930 years old when he died.


Enoch went to heaven

Genesis 5:23 - Enoch went to heaven when he was 365


Seth died

Genesis 5:8 - Seth was 912 when he died


Noah was born

Genesis 5:28,29 - Lamech was 182 when Noah was born


Enos died

Genesis 5:11 - Enos was 905 when he died.


Cainan died

Genesis 5:14 - Cainan was 910 when he died


Mahalaleel died

Genesis 5:17 - Mahalaleel was 895 when he died


Jared Died

Genesis  5:20 - Jared was 962 when he died


Japeth was born

Genesis 5:32 - See Notes on Shem, Ham, and Japeth


Shem was born

Genesis 11:10 - See Notes on Shem, Ham, and Japeth

Ham was born

Genesis 9:24 - See Notes on Shem, Ham, and Japeth


Lamech died

Genesis 5:31 - Lamech was 777 when he died


Methuselah died

Genesis 5:27 - Methuselah was 969 when he died - we assume he died before the flood rather than during the flood as the Geneology in Genesis 5 lists the line of people that followed God, and therefore he would likely have entered the ark as well if he were alive at the time. (Notice everyone else mentiioned in Genesis 5 (except Noah) died prior to the flood).

Months provided for the flood are based on twelve thirty day months a year which makes a Jewish year. This may be incorrect, but it does not affect the rest of the time line.

1656 -  10th day of 2nd month

Noah and family enter the ark

Genesis 7:10 - They entered the ark 7 days before the flood actually starts.

1656 - 17th day of 2nd month

The flood starts

Genesis 7:11

1656 - 27th day of 3rd month

The rain stops and God sends a wind to dry up the waters

Genesis 7:12,17 - It rained for forty days and nights

1656 - 17th day of 7th month

The ark rests in the Mountains of Ararat

Genesis 8:4

1656 -  27th day of 8th month

The amount of water on the earth is reduced

Gensis 7:24 & 8:3 - The word abated (KJV) in Gen 8:3 simply means reduced. The water was still covering the mountains until the 1st day of the 10th month, so the water was still cleary on the earth at this point.

1656 - 1st day of 10th month

The tops of the mountains were seen

Genesis 8:5

1656 -  11th day of 11th month

Noah opens the window of the ark and sends out a Raven

Genesis 8:6,7

1656 - 18th day of 11th month

Noah sends the dove out for the first time

Genesis 8:8,10 - Gen 8:10 states that he sent the dove out the second time after "ANOTHER" 7 days, which implies it was also 7 days between sending out the Raven and sending the dove out for the first time

1656 - 25th day of 11th month

Noah sends the dove out for the second time

Genesis 8:10 - Noah sends the dove out the second time 7 days after the first attempt.

1656 - 2nd day of 12th month

Noah sends the dove out for the third time. This time it does not return

Genesis 8:12 - Noah sends the dove out the third time 7 days after the second attempt

1657 - 1st day of 1st month

Noah removes the covering of the ark and sees that the ground was dry

Genesis 8:13 - dry here must mean that the water had disappeared, but the ground was still muddy, because Genesis 8:14 indicates that it took almost another 2 months for the ground to dry completely.

1657 -  27th day of 2nd month

The ground was dry and Noah and his family exit the ark

Genesis 8:14


Arphaxad was born

Genesis 11:10 - Arphaxad was born 2 years after the flood when shem was 100 years old (See Notes on Shem, Ham, and Japeth as to why the 2 years commence from the start of the flood.


Salah was born

Genesis 11:12 - Arphaxad was 35 when Salah was born


Eber was born

Genesis 11:14 - Salah was 30 when Eber was born.


Peleg was born

Genesis 11:16 - Eber was 34 when Peleg was born.


Reu was born

Genesis  11 :18 - Peleg was 30 when Reu was born.


Serug was born

Genesis 11:20 - Reu was 32 when Serug was born.

Tower of Babel

Very much guess work - See Notes on Tower of Babel.


Nahor (Abram's grandfather) was born

Genesis 11:22 - Serug was 30 when Nahor was born.


Terah was born

Genesis 11:24 - Nahor was 29 when Terah was born.


Nahor (Abram's brother), and Haran were born

Genesis 11:26 - See Notes on Abram, Nahor, and Haran.


Peleg died

Genesis 11:19 - Peleg lived 209 years after Reu was born.


Nahor (Abram's grandfather) died

Genesis 11:25 - Nahor lived 119 years after Terah was born.


Noah died

Genesis 9:28,29 - Noah  was 950 when he died.


Abram was born

See Notes on Abram, Nahor, and Haran.


Sarai (Abram's wife) was born

Genesis 17:17 - Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born - subtract 90 years from the date of Isaac's birth.


Reu died

Genesis 11:21 - Reu lived 207 years after Serug was born.


Serug died

Genesis 11:23 -  Serug lived 200 years after Nahor (Abram's grandfather) was born.

2083 - 14th day of First Month

Terah died and Abram was called out of Haran/Charran

Genesis 11:23 - Terah was 205 when he died

Genesis 12:4 - Abram was 75 when he was called from Haran.

Acts 7:2-4 - Abram  left Haran/Charran when his father died

Exodus: 12:41 - The Exodus Happened on the very same day that the promise was originally given - 430 years after the promise had been given. See Notes on the Exodus.


Abram  takes Hagar to be his wife so that she can have children for Sarai

Genesis 16:3 - Sarah gave Hagar to Abram to be his wife after Abram had dwelt 10 years in the land of Canaan (after he left Haran).


Ishmael was born

Genesis 16:16 - Abram was 86 when Ishamael was born.


Arphaxad died

Genesis 11:13 - Arphaxad lived 403 years after Salah was born.


God spoke to Abram the third time to promise that h is descendants would be given the land of Canaan. God changes Abram's name to Abraham, and all male children in the house of Abraham were circumcised

Genesis 17:1,24 - Abraham was 99 when God spoke to Abram the third time, and he was cicumcised.


Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed

Genesis 21:5 - Abram was 100 years old when Isaac was born

Genesis 18:10 (NIV gives the clearest interpretation) - the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham speaking to the Angels about Sodom and Gomorrah clearly happens the year before Isaac was born.


Isaac was born

Genesis 21:5 - Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born.


Salah died

Genesis 11:15 - Salah lived 403 years after Eber was born.


Sarah (Sarai) died

Genesis 17:17 - Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born

Genesis 23:1 -  Sarah was 127 when she died.


Isaac takes Rebekah as his wife

Genesis 25:20 - Isaac was 40 when he took Rebekah to be his wife.


Shem died

Genesis 11:11 - Shem lived 500 years after Arphaxad was born.


Jacob and Esau were born

Genesis 25:26 - Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born - Genesis 25:23 and other verses also make it clear they were twins.


Abraham died

Genesis 25:7 - Abraham was 175 when he died


Eber died

Genesis 11:17 - Eber lived 430 years after Peleg was born.


Esau takes Judith and Bashemath as his wives

Genesis 26:34 - Esau was 40 years old when he took Judith and Bashemath to be his wives.


Ishmael died

Genesis 25:17 - Ishmael was 137 when he died.


The first seven years Jacob worked for Laban that resulted in obtaining Leah as a wife commenced

See Notes on Jacob's time with Laban


Jacob marries Leah, and then Rachel a week later followed by another 7 years working for Laban because he had also received Rachel as a wife.

See Notes on Jacob's time with Laban


Joseph is born & the 14 years of working for Rachel and Leah are now complete

See Notes on Joseph & Notes on Jacob's time with Laban


Jacob flees from Laban

See Notes on Jacob's time with Laban


Joseph is given coat of many colours, has his dreams and ends up in Egypt

See Notes on Joseph


Baker and Butler have their dreams

See Notes on Joseph


Isaac died

Genesis 35:28 - Isaac was 180 when he died


Seven good years started and Joseph turns 30

See Notes on Joseph


The seven of famine started

See Notes on Joseph


Jacob arrives in Egypt

Genesis 47:9 - Jacob arrives in Egypt when he is 130 years old


Seven years of famine end

See Notes on Joseph


Jacob dies

Genesis 47:28 - Jacob was 147 when he died.


Joseph dies

Genesis  50:26 -  Josepeh was 110 when he died.


Aaron was born

Exodus 7:7 - Aaron was 83 years old when the Exodus happened.


Moses was born

Exodus 7:7 - Moses was 80 when the Exodus happened.

2513 - 14th day of First Month

The Exodus

See Notes on The Exodus

2513 - 15th day of Second Month

Israelites arrived in the Wilderness of Sin

Exodus 16:1 - I have interpreted this as saying they arrived on the 15th day of the second month, rather than 2 months and 15 days after the Israelites left Egypt. Either could be correct, but I believe the first alternative to be the most likely, particularly as Exodus 19:1 says the Israelites arrived in the Wilderness of Mount Sinai "in the Third Month", rather than "after 3 months". which means the first alternative is the only optione that keeps the sequence of events in tact, when considering both dates.

2513 - 14th day of Third Month

Israelites arrive in the Wilderness of Mount Sinai

Exodus 19:1 - Israelites arrived in the third month, and on the same day of the month that they left Egypt.

2514 - 1st day of First Month

Sanctuary was set up

Exodus 40:2 & 40:17 - Santuary was setup on the 1st day of First Month of the second year after leaving Egypt.

Time Line